Wooden Sculpture Progress

I have been working on this wooden sculpture off and on for a few weeks now. The original form was created in Rhino and tweaked in Maya. I had the pieces for each layer cut out of a large piece of cardboard on the laser cutter, which I then assembled using super glue and dowels to get a better sense of scale and shape of the piece. Overall I was pleased with the form, but I wished it could stand without support.

After taking the sculpture back into Rhino and doing some editing, I was able to produce a form that was able to stand on three "legs". I then had the new and improved form cut out of 1/8" plywood, stacked and glued it up, then began the long process of grinding down the ridges.

After several hours grindin', I'd say it's looking pretty beautiful. All it needs is a couple more hours of sanding then a nice stain and finish.

All of that will happen soon, but for now I am going to enjoy my Spring Break.