Experimental Marbling

This weekend a friend and I did a little experimental marbling. The process is similar to tie dye, but marbling gives you more control and trippier results. 


We gathered up the test subjects and soaked them in an aluminum sulphate mixture so ensure the colors don't rinse off, then let them dry over night. That night we also prepared our methyl cel solution so that it would be ready by the time we woke up.

The next morning our methyl cel was a nice jelly-ish consistency, our objects were dry, and we were ready to marble!

my business card looking absolutely marbelous

I was shocked by how well the colors (shown above) took to this piece of palm tree. Definitely became one of my favorite pieces.

At the end, we mixed a few of our existing colors to make a really nice orange and magenta/purple. They turned out so well we regretted not mixing the colors earlier.

If you want to try marbling, I highly recommend Pro Chemical & Dye. Their website could use a little re-vamp, but the customer service is on point. Plus they send you (basically) everything you'll need.